ABOUT Baldota

A family run business that has been built on creative energy and a long tradition of helping people and serving many industries including Oil & Gas, Medical, Automotive, and Mechanical. A business that has a rich heritage and a team that has an experience of more than 2 decades in the Industry.

Since our establishment, our product line has expanded to cover almost any conceivable primary and secondary instrumentation fitting and valve application for a variety of process industries. We specialize in the design, development, and manufacturing of high quality precision turned parts and instrumentation product solutions.


Engineering Design

Product Design, Assembly, Rapid Prototyping

Quality Assurance

Material Testing, High Pressure Pneumatic and Hydraulic Testing up to 15000 psig

CNC Milling

Our fabrication center is impressive for its efficiency, precision and flexibility. With up to five axles the most complex machining with the highest precision can be carried out. Measuring and deburring can be incorporated into the production process.


CNC Lathe and Turning Operations, Abrasive Machining, Milling, Thermal Cutting, High Pressure Fabrication

CNC Turning

With over 17 multi-axle CNC lathes we produce complex turned parts in small, medium and large series. Our in-house tool production capability enables us to offer one-of-a-kind and sample parts. Our large number of production machines ensures our flexibility and your confidence.

High Pressure Fabrication

With 3 welding stations and multi axis positioners we ensure top quality welding and metal fabrication. A job-shop type setting enables orders from small, single-part orders to large assemblies and multiple-run parts.